About Us


softball is not just a game...senior softball is a PASSION


The Oshkosh Ambassadors have been in existence for 25+ years. They began in 1991 with Ed Anderson providing the impetus. The goal was to provide men, ages 50 and older, with an opportunity to participate in competitive slow pitch softball. Current players and managers reside throughout central and northeast Wisconsin; however, they all call Oshkosh their home. As of 2019 The Ambassadors will field five teams ( ages 50+, 60+, 65+, 70+ , and 75+). Participation is made possible by generous donations from Wisconsin businesses and individuals. These donations fund primarily tournament entry fees, uniforms, bats, balls and advertising. All travel expenses are the responsibility of each player.

Team Contacts

50 Gary "Fish" Herring 920-420-8079 fish111151@yahoo.com

60 Eric Bockhorn 920-428-2872 ericbockhorn@gmail.com

65 Dennis Wesenberg 920-379-9787 dennis.wesenberg@gmail.com

70 Bob Mathe 920-379-5277 bob@matheteam.com

75 Russ Rutz 920-233-5532 russrutz@yahoo.com