2018 Highlights & Upcoming Events

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          Oct 2018  -  Las Vegas Results

Ambassadors Play Well

The Oshkosh Ambassador 60+ returned from Las Vegas after showing a very competitive effort there. Although they were unable to repeat with a 1st Place Title, the Ambassadors played well and had several “Classic Battles” Vs highly ranked teams. In their 1st game, they faced the Western TOC Winner, The Silver Kamikaze from LA., Ca. They battled back and forth in to extra innings until the Kamikaze scored 2 in the top of the 9th, taking a 22-20 lead. The Ambassadors responded by rallying and won on a “walk off” three run Home Run from their “Sultan of Swat”, Craig Mittelstaedt. Their 2nd game was also hard fought but ended in a defeat to the Tulsa Cougars, 18-15. In their 3rd game they faced the highly regarded Denver Scrap Iron. Timely hits from Greg Kargus and Bob Amundson led to a well played, 19-17 Victory for Oshkosh.  Exceptional play from Bob Mathe, Rick Roloff and “Super-Scooop” Jim Schuelke greatly aided in the Ambassadors wins. Oshkosh was eventually eliminated after two close contests to CJ Express from Arizona and the Utah Jazz 66, 22-20 & 17-15 respectfully. Scott Benash was Unanimously awarded the Team’s MVP, Most Valuable Player, for his many outstanding contributions, including a .923 batting average.

 The Oshkosh Ambassadors 60+ next play in Phoenix, this coming mid-November.